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  • Pricing is done individually based on the owner's requirements (i.e. showing & training options)  
  • You have the option of pay as you go or waiting until horse sells to pay boarding expenses as well as commission.  
  • Monthly boarding fee which includes 3 to 4 pro rides per week ($900/month) and $150 advertising set up fee.  Commissions fees are based on horse's sale price but average 10% to 15%.   
  • All grooming  required is included in commission fee...mane pulling, body clipping, trimming, bathing etc.
  • Every horse is an individual and their needs vary greatly so we try to stay within your budget while trying to find the best home for your horse.
  • Please call for specifics and availability
basic Services:

  • CONSIGNMENT SALE PROGRAM...Bring your horse to us & we will do the rest!  When your horse boards with us...we groom, ride, condition & pamper them to best prepare them for their next home. 
  • Only qualified experience trainers/ riders will work with your horse...we have season riders that specialize in Hunter, Jumpers & Equitation...
  • We are conveniently located near Fieldstone Show Park, Grazing Fields Farm & more...we have professionals that will show your horse to potential customers at these top rated shows!
  • We work with a team of equine professionals including Deb Crane of Equine Sports Therapies in Brooklyn, CT  (www.equinesportstherapies.com),  Nicolas Denson, professional farrier specializing in sport horses (www.equinehoofcare.com) & a variety of highly experienced veterinarians, floaters, & chiropractors. 
  • In addition to board & training, we create all advertisements, website listings, preparation for sales showings & coordinating the close of the sell.
  • All horses are fairly and honestly represented.
  • Hudson Derby Stables (www.hudsonderbystables.com) is located in Plympton, MA...matted in/out stalls,  large  outdoor arena,  individual turnout, quality hay & grain, endless cranberry bog trails and professional care & more....
  • Great option for those who do not have an appropriate facility to show your horse/pony or do not have any one available to ride the horse consistantly...contact us for more information on this service.

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Help with Lease vs Buy Decisions!

  • Complete Horse or Pony Finder:  We are responsible for providing lists of appropriate horses/ponies to try, contact the owners to access their appropriateness for your riding needs.  If possible, we will accompany you in trying the horse, and work as your agent in all purchasing steps i.e....set up trial periods, negotiate purchase or lease price, oversee pre purchase exam, & finalize any Sales or Lease Agreements.  Prices start at $200 plus travel expenses.

  • Horse Search Only:  We provide you a list of appropriate horses or ponies to try, we have contacted the owners and accessed their appropriatenes for your riding needs.   You try the horses/ponies & handle all the final purchasing steps...we will remain available as a consultant through the process.   Flat Fee $150.

  • We will provide advise on the type/age/size/breed of horse that will be most capable to your riding needs
  • We will help you with the decision of buying or leasing including assists with sales and lease agreements
  • We will contact private sellers on your behalf, ask the right questions, and view appropriate matches
  • We will provide a professional unbiased, honest opinion on whether we think a horse/pony will suit your requirements, is priced appropriately, is worth vetting etc.
  • We will negotiate a trial period, help you with pre purchase vet exam and negotiate price on your behalf

Buying a horse or pony can be exciting and nerve wrecking! We can help whether you want a quiet trail horse, a dressage schoolmaster, or a seasoned hunter.  We provide professional advisory services to assist & support you in locating your next special equine partner.  All fees are fully disclosed - no hidden commissions!

Here are some of the issues we can help you with....

  • Are you not quite sure what size/breed/age horse will best fit you needs?
  • Should you buy or lease?
  • Are you fed up with searching & viewing all the wrong horses?
  • Have you had potential horses fail the vetting...costing you time and money?
  • Would you like someone else to negotiate price or a trial period?
  • Have you made a mistake before and are worried it may happen again?
Seasoned hunter , first pony or quiet trial horse we can help!
No Hidden Commissions!
Specialize in Hunter, Jumper & Equitation 

Find Your Horse or Pony

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consignment sale program

  • Prices start at $150 set up flat fee (this includes covering the cost of on line advertising)
  • Sale commission fee (5% at time of sale) if we find the buyer
  • Travel expenses if required
  • There are multiple horse discounts

  • Your horse stays at your facility
  • We act as your equine agent & handle all potential buyers for you.  We weed out the obvious mismatches and only forward serious potential buyers.  This will save you valuable time!
  • We evaluate your horse at your facility or we evaluate using videos, pictures, and horse's history
  • We will conduct a market analysis of your horse/pony to help facilitate a compete marketing plan recommendation (including sale or lease price, advertising options, pictures & video suggestions, & estimated timetable).  We will need to know all your horse's specifics - breed, height, age, skill level, experience level, conditioning, health/soundness, temperament, show experience etc.
  • If necessary we will take photos & videos
  • We work with you to schedule appointments for potential buyers to come try your horse.  You will be responsible for actually showings.  We are available to show your horse but traveling expenses would apply.
  • We will network your horse with our immediate contacts in addition to online advertising and my website.
  • .We will help with price negotiations, pre purchase exams, trial discussions & agreements.
​​​advertising services
Your Horse Stays With You!
Best possible new partner for your horse!

We provide professional assistance in selling your horse at your place or ours!  We care more about the horse & rider match then we do the size of our commission.   Free consultation, no hidden commissions - all fees are fully disclosed!  Check out our full service Consignment Program... Our facility has large outdoor arena, huge grass pastures & much more!

With the recent economic slump, selling a horse is more difficult then ever before.  It's a buyer's market, so you have to be smart about how you present your horse or pony for sale.  If we price your horse accurately, market your horse wisely, and respond to your potential buyers quickly.....then we promise we will save you valuable time & get the best possible price for your horse!

Specialize in Hunter/Jumper/Equitation & Dressage!
Targeted Advertising!
No Hidden Commissions!

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